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Supporting Local.
Delivering Fresh.
Kroger Farmers Market introduces a wide range of fresh products from Atlanta farmers, bakers, and artisans.
How It Works
We Partner

with your favorite Atlanta small businesses to build a uniquely local assortment

You Shop

and discover 100+ Products from Local Farmers & Businesses

We Deliver

same-day freshness. Sellers provide us your items the morning of your delivery, and we take care of the rest.

Here's What You'll Find
Not A Grocery Store

We do not use any items found at a grocery store to fill your order. 100% of the items in your order come from the local farmers and sellers we partner with. We promise.

Seller Based Inventory

Like a true farmer’s market, you'll only see the products that sellers have available that week. Sorry, that means no mangoes! Only locally grown produce from a farm near you.

Check Product Delivery Day

Each Product is available for delivery on certain days. If you want your delivery on a specific day, make sure you are adding products to your cart that are available on that day.

Small Business.
Big Impact.

Atlanta Small Business Farmers, Bakers & Artisans have benefited from having their items available through our online farmers market.


We combine our authentic Dutch recipe with wholesome, local ingredients. Together we bake them fresh in our American bakery! Please enjoy our version of this European Delicacy meets the American Dream.

3Bros Cookies

Pure Bliss was created as an act of love and service, born out of our practice of Bhakti yoga. We are trained in the sattvic discipline, “the yoga diet”, of preparing food that is good for the physical, emotional, and metaphysical aspects of our lives.

Pure Bliss Organics

For 13 years, local restaurants and peach fans have known where to source the best peaches. Only the highest quality of fruits and nuts are distributed by Georgia Proud Provisions.

Georgia Proud Provisions

Ready to support the growers and sellers in your community?